Sunday, September 19, 2010

The View from My Branch

Welcome! A Tree Sprite is a magical creature who lives in, nurtures and protects her tree. OK, so I am not magical, but I am the caretaker and guardian of my Family Tree; I am an AncesTree Sprite

 Ever since I was a young child, I've been interested in my family's heritage, stories and people. My maternal grandmother's walls were filled with old family portraits and I wanted to know the stories behind each of those stern faces that looked down on me. Many of my father's family were all buried in the same small church cemetery and I would wander around the headstones looking for names and wanting to know the stories behind the stones.

Today I have gray hair and I'm a lot closer to joining those ancestors than that child was. I'm not a professional genealogist, just an enthusiastic hobbyist embarking on my first attempt at blogging. Come join me in my adventure as I share some of my finds, my frustrations, and my family stories. I welcome comments, suggestions and encouragement along the way.

Come and share the view from my branch!

~ Karen, AncesTree Sprite


  1. Welcome to the genealogy blogging world! Don't know if you are aware of the GeneaBloggers Community, but you may want to check it out! It is a wonderful, supportive,helpful and exciting community run by Thomas MacEntee, not me. ;-)We would all love to have you!

  2. Welcome also. Nice to have another person interested in upstate New York and New England ancestry. Since blogging is very addictive, I'm sure I will "see" you again. Have fun posting.

  3. Great start, Karen! Welcome to the Geneablogger