Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Floyd E. Yohn

Floyd E. Yohn
July 2, 1918 – August 18, 2004
Wife Martha Yohn – On Laureldale Cem. PA.

(small side stone inscription)
I am facing the east where the sun never sets – I am facing home where I shall rest. My feet point at the place where I was born, on that day, on a DeHart's farm. Floyd E. Yohn

Location: St. John's Church of Mt. Aetna, Berks County, PA

Floyd E. Yohn was my father's elder brother. He was born on his maternal grandfather's farm (Thomas Henry DeHart), which was located directly across a field from the hillside where the church and cemetery are located . Floyd's feet do indeed point to the site of the DeHart farm where he was born. Floyd's wife Martha predeceased him and was buried in Laureldale Cemetery, Reading, Berks County, PA next to her first husband. 

~ Karen the AncesTree Sprite


  1. How very special! I wonder if he wrote it...

  2. Thank you for noticing. Yes, Uncle Floyd did indeed write that himself. He had his headstone and side stone with the poem created and installed onto his plot many years before he passed away. He actually had included the inscription about Martha at the same time (before she passed) since they had already known what their burial arrangements would be. Uncle Floyd always had a deep connection to his mother's extended DeHart family and of his times spent on the DeHart family farm. Now he looks over that land in perpetuity.

  3. Would that all of our ancestors leave such clues to their lives. So many answers right there- where he was born and who owned the farm he was born on, where his wife is buried... just wonderful!