Monday, September 20, 2010

Pennsylvania Pioneers (My Father's Folk)

I'm going to get this blog ball rolling by introducing surnames from my father's side of the family tree. My father came from a long line of Pennsylvania Dutch (German) folks. These were the early immigrants from the Palatine region of Germany that arrived at either the Port of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania or who migrated south from the Schoharie Settlement in NY to the Tulpehocken Valley in western Berks County PA in the 1700s and early 1800s.
My father's ancestors never ventured farther west from the Port of Philadelphia than western Berks/eastern Lebanon Counties in Pennsylvania - less than 90 miles distance in over 260 years. I myself was born, raised and have always lived in Berks County. My roots run deep here.  

Stories from my searches will follow in later posts to this blog, but for now here are Pennsylvania surnames I've found in my father's side of my family tree (in alphabetical order):

Achenbach   Albright   Betz  Bickel  Christler  Closs  DeHart  Dengler  Dieffenbach  Fronfelt/Fronefield  Gehris   Gernandt  Gruber  Heydt  Hiester   Imbody   Jauss  Kastnitz  Kobel  Krauss  Lieb  Mather  Muthard  Neiman  Reigner   Schmidt  Smeltzer  Strunk  Yohn/Yahn/Jahn 

Could you be a long lost distant cousin?

~ Karen the AncesTree Sprite

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