Saturday, October 16, 2010

Surname Saturday - Maternal New England/ NY State

My Maternal New York State & New England 
Ancestry Surnames

See any familiar names here? We may be related!

My mother was born and raised in Upstate New York. Mom's father, Raymond Hirst, was from Philadelphia; her mother, Ethel Dyer, came from a long line of early New England and New York State families. Some members of grandma's family tree crossed the border back and forth to Canada - living at times in US and at other times in Ontario, Canada. These are some of the surnames I've found in my direct line while working on my maternal grandmother's part of my family tree (in alphabetical order):

Barnard, Barrett, Brownell, Burleigh, Carpenter, Claghorn, Crofoot, Dodge, Dyer, Gardiner, Gorham, Greene, Hall, Hamby, Hartwell, Hawes, Hewes,Howland, Hutchinson, Johnson, Marbury, Nichols, Niles, Odding, Sayles, Sherman, Smith, Spink, Spooner, Tilley, Walker,Warner, Williams, Wood

Surnames for my paternal side of my family tree can be found in this earlier blog post: Click Here,


  1. I have the Dyer name in my ancestry, also. William G. Dyer married Mary Ann Swallow. They lived in Cazenovia, Madison, US in 1850. They moved to Michigan sometime between 1850-1860. Their children included Adaline (Addie), George, Sarah, Mary and William B. Any chance there is a connection to your Dyer family?

  2. I'm certain there must be a connection, I'm not sure where at the moment. But they are geographilly so close to my Dyers at that time, it would surprise me if there was not a connection. My Dyers lived in Oneida, Lenox and Wamosville in Madison County during that time frame.

    If there is a connection it would be through one of my ancestors' siblings' lines through the generations, William G. Dyer married to Mary Swallow is not in my direct line. Interesting puzzle - Thanks for letting me know, I'll definitely keep an eye out.

  3. Ah hah. We are related through John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley. I tie in through their daughter Desire. I wish my Dyer's tied into yours but they didn't come from Ireland until about 1849. Supposedly from Sligo. Haven't gone there yet.

  4. Fran, my Howland/Tilley line is also through their daughter, Desire (Howland) Gorham and through Desire's daughter, Desire (Gorham) Hawes. Then continuing through > Benjamin Hawes > Jedidah (Hawes) Sherman > Elihu Sherman > Asa Sherman > Asa Shadrack Sherman > Clarissa (Sherman) Dyer > Harry S. Dyer > Ethel Dyer > Mom > Me.