Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday ...& A Confession

Wedding Wednesday
 Daisy Belle Dyer and Lucas Hammond Kerr

Wedding portrait of Lucas Kerr and Daisy Belle Dyer married in the early 1890s. Luke was a widowed butcher from Crosby, Ontario, Canada. Daisy was my maternal gr-grandfather's sister. While Luke was traveling, he stayed at Daisy's family's hotel in Redwood, Jefferson County, NY, USA. This is where he met Daisy, married and moved her to his home in Crosby. After Luke died in 1912, Daisy remarried; but when Daisy died in 1945, she was buried with her first husband Lucas as a Kerr. In the photo, behind Luke is Daisy's older sister Cordelia Dyer. Cordelia didn't marry until much later. The standing gentleman is unidentified and unknown. 

And A Confession...

Yesterday I intended to prepare a post in honor of the occasion of the State of the Union address. I wanted to share some of my family's history in politics. I have many ancestors who have been elected to office at Federal, state and local levels. Others never served in elected office, but were active politically. Although the political parties differed, the dedication was evident.

When I went to compose my post, it was only then that I realized how truly tangled my digital files have become. What a headache to sift through to find the specific information that I wanted for my post. I admit, I threw up my hands in frustration and never did write the post.

It looks as though I have a new project on my hands...organizing and untangling my digital files. I don't know exactly when this got away from me and out of control, but I need to straighten it out ASAP. Saved information is useless if you can't find it when you need it. Arrggghhh!

Wish me luck and thanks for passing on any tips and tricks you use.

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