Monday, October 4, 2010

Mystery Monday - Recipe for Chicken Dodger?

Mystery Monday
What Is "the chicken you call dodger"???
My gr-gr-grandmother Clarissa Jannett (Sherman) Dyer Knowlton was twice a widow. From 1926 to her death in 1931, she lived with her daughter, Cordelia Rebecca (Dyer) Patten (known as "Codie") and Cordelia's husband Melvin Patten, in Williamsville, Erie County, NY.

Sometime during this period, Clarissa wrote an undated letter to her other daughter, Daisy Belle (Dyer) Kerr, who lived in  Crosby, Leeds, Ontario, Canada. In the letter, Clarissa tells Daisy about their evening meal:
"We had the chicken you called dodger for dinner with mashed potato, turnip cabage salad and all fixings."

Does anyone know what "the chicken you call dodger" might be? Any clue as to how to make it? 

Any input, suggestions, or guesses would be much appreciated.

~ Karen the AncesTree Sprite


  1. My guess - Dodger WAS the chicken. And a nimble one at that.

  2. That DID cross my mind as a possibility.... LOL

    Thanks for the idea. :o)