Monday, October 18, 2010

Military Monday - WWI Draft Reg, Earl L. Yohn

1917 WWI Draft Registration
Earl L. Yohn (my paternal grandfather)

Draft Registration Cards can be a terrific source of information, even if like my grandfather, your ancestor was never called to actually serve in the military 

Questions Asked – 1st WW I Draft Registration (card with 12 Questions)
Side 1
Name in full - given name, family name - Earl Leroy Yohn
Age in years [This information is asked but it is not a numbered question] 25
Home address - #, street, city, state 1044 Moss Reading Penna
Date of birth - month, day, year April 9 1892
Are you (1) a natural-born citizen, (2) a naturalized citizen, (3) an alien, (4) or have you declared your intention (specify which) Natural-Born
Where were you born? town, state, nation Greshville Penna
If not a citizen, of what country are you a citizen or subject?
What is your present trade, occupation, or office? Trucking
By whom employed? Where employed? Bethlehem Steel Co. Reading PA
Have you a father, mother, wife, child under 12, or a sister or brother under 12, solely dependent on you for support (specify which)? Wife
Married or single (which)? Race (specify which)? Married - Caucasian
What military service have you had? Rank - branch - years - nation or state None
Do you claim exemption from draft (specify grounds)?
signature or mark of registrant (signed Earl Leroy Yohn)

[The following is printed across the lower left-hand triangular corner or the card:]
If person is of African descent, cut off this corner.
1st Registration – Side 2, Additional Information (card with 12 Questions)
Tall, medium or short (specify which)? Slender, medium or stout (which)? Medium/Medium
Color of eyes, color of hair Gray / Light
Has person lost arm, leg, hand, foot, or both eyes, or is he otherwise disabled (specify)?
Signature of Registrar (signed James E. Shalter)
Precinct, city or county, state
(?precinct) Reading Penna
Date of registration
June 5-1917


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  1. I agree, Karen, on my ancestor overview pages I have started listing my ancestor's occupations and identifying characteristics on their timeline events. It just gives me a better feel for who they were when I look at their pages and can see immediately that "he had blue eyes, dark hair, tall, med build, worked at, etc."